The Universe

The vastness of the universe is one of an immeasurable scale.  From galaxies to planets, to moons, satellites, and various gaseous cloud formations, since the beginning of time mankind has always looked above in wonder. Although we know more now about the universe than we did a hundred years ago, questions still remain. Perhaps it’s a result of the double-edged sword that having answers provides which are more questions. There is one fact we can rest assured about. The universe is not shrinking anymore than the Earth is flat as was believed over 500 years ago. From olden days to modern times, we have had the benefit of intellectual giants providing us with answers to the mysteries of the heavens.

Galilee Galileo
Edmond Haley
Karl Schwarzchild
Urbain Joseph

It is with pleasure that this information is presented here. Some astronomers didn’t have the luxury of telescopes. This did not deter them in their endeavors of studying the universe.  One such astronomer was Tycho Brahe.  Utilizing the importance of careful observations and an instrument called a sextant (a measuring instrument for measuring the angular distance between celestial objects) he made precise observations of the positions of stars and planets.  His contributions to astronomy during his time were cataloging over a thousand stars, construction of Europe’s first observatory in the 16th century and taught the art of observation to a generation of astronomers.