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I am an experienced web developer that enjoys new ways to push the boundaries of web design. With an artistic sense of design, knowledge of many things web geek and of course coffee, I persevere to bring my work to new heights. My services are available whether a simple website revision is required, or a complete overhaul is favored. I am college as well as industry educated. I enjoy hearing from my visitors. If you have a suggestion or just want to say hello, please use my contact form.

Web Design

Web design is in a constant state of change and flux. It's part of what makes this field exciting and challenging. With every new year, we see new ideas and technologies appear. As such, my web development skills are a top priority while keeping myself abreast with current and ever-changing web design and development trends. The focus of my personal websites are examples of my hobbies and pastimes along with subject matter that I'm personally interested in.

Digital Illustrations

My work and skills with image editors both 2D and 3D based have increased over time. When I started, I was merely interested in creating simple shapes to be arranged in some abstract fashion. As time went on, I started to make images based on my favorite subjects. These subjects range from astronomy, ancient architecture, fantasy scenes, typography, 3-D art and probably a few others that I haven't mentioned.

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Ver-A-Fast Corporation is a nationally recognized leader in the telemarketing industry serving both the United States and Canada.

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This image is inspired from something I saw on a show about astronomy. The show was about alien worlds that have been observed through some of the most powerful telescopes in the world. Using my imagination to form an image in my head, I came up with this image. Astronomy is one of my favorite subjects, so I thought I would do something.

3D Graphics is a past-time of mine. Though it's become much more than that. This image isn't inspired by anything I saw or read about. Just opened my editor of choice, began tinkering with vertices, and came up with this image. There is an accompanying video as well.

Motion Graphics

The work presented here reflects my interest with motion graphics and video. Using AfterEffects, Photoshop, and lots of coffee I made these compositions from various sources of inspiration. From astronomy, to Tim Burton, to video games and places I've even dreamt of, I aspire to bring my imagination to life through animation. As with all of my other undertakings, I create my own assets for my motion graphic projects. Originality is a high priority of mine.


Photography is a creative outlet of mine. Over the years I've taken quite a liking to HDR and panoramic's. Applying that interest to the outdoors, I've gathered many pictures taken from various State Parks and other hidden gems in my home state of Ohio. From waterfalls, to rock basin's, to rock formations chances are I've taken a picture of it. I've never been one for boundaries, and many of my pictures were obtained from scaling cliffs and traversing guardrails. While I can appreciate the point of some barricades, I want to see scenic beauty right in front of me, not from a distance.

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